Saturday, October 29, 2005

10/29/05 Cleveland, OH

brad hasn't finished the tour journal for detroit so i am gonna move on to cleveland. tonights show was at the house of blues cleveland. o thinks this title is appropriate because the hob really gives him "the blues". lets put it this way...they wouldn't let us put up our banner because we didn't have a "fire certificate". oh yeah. duh. how could we forget. the upside of the hob is that it always sounds great on stage and this show was no exception. our dressing room had this huge wall painting of john belushi from the movie 1941, a movie that is underrated, dude. show was awesome, we sold a butt load of stuff afterwards which is always nice. dallas made a trip to jacobs field and winking lizard tavern, not necessarily in that order. on to philly, the last show of tour.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

10/27/05 Chicago, IL

chi-town! dallas informed me that if we were in the wrong part of town and i said anything about the white sox, i could get beat up. i didn't know there was such a cross town rivalry between the cubs fans and sox fans. but what do i know. i'm from san diego. if we had 2 baseball teams i could hate both of them. but apparently where we played(the vic theatre) was in neutral territory. this show was really cool for us. i really like the city of chicago, and this theatre lived up to my expectations as did the crowd. i was a little bummed when i dedicated a song to wesley willis and no one knew who that was, but whatever. during switchfoots set we went and got lattes with Eisley, who are gnarly starbucks fiends and know where every single one is america. this place sold out merch for us, so dallas had the night off and took some pictures and video of the show. brad is gonna write the tour journal for detroit and then we only have 2 days until tour is over and we have to drive back to san diego. bummer. it feels like it just started.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

10/25/05 Denver, CO

so i spent an hour working on this journal and then somehow magically erased it, im not going back to capture any of the magic...except to tell you that part of the nights events included brad not getting into the black crowe's show because he was holding a loaf of bread and a box of green tea. also something about how hippies dance like they are dodging bullets reeeeaaallly slow...

ahh well...i will make it up in chicago.

Monday, October 24, 2005

10/24/05 Salt Lake City, UT

Ahh the great salt lake. I haven't been anywhere this creepy since....well who knows. We played here in may with Finch but never made it out to see the lake. The SLC show was actually ON the lake, and this place called the Saltair. Cool venue, it looks like the taj mahal. As soon as we got there we walked out on the beach(?) and took some weird band photos. O informed me that they shot the movie Dune here, which is a great movie starring the late great Kyle Maclachlan, who is not dead, but has a history of being late....and great. Seriously the land leading out to the water looked like the moon(which by the way, we never landed, on according to jon foreman, more on that later). I would also like to add brad did not eat the ground to see if it was salty, but i do think there was a lot of restraint in that. We weren't the only band getting in on the salt lake photo action...switchfoot was shooting a homegrown music video for "lonely nation"..and then later eisley took some photos and did there best to look related. i could go for some chicken selects right now. seriously. so the show was awesome, i thought we played pretty good. since we were in utah, dallas turned into his alter ego who goes by the name "Utah Moses Pheonix", who is a mixture of Joaquin(leaf) Phoenix, Moses from the bible, and John Stockton from the Utah Jazz...but who has the hair of Darryl Hall(and oates). If you get a chance to pass through Salt Lake City, make sure you see the lake. It changes lives.

oh yeah and before all that happened Dallas ruined the toilet at the Hampton just because the sign says "taco time"..doesn't mean its actually time for tacos....

p.s. i apologize if my spelliing or grammar is poor or if words are stuck together....the keyboard on this ibook is atrocious. i guess the "i" in ibook stands for "i" wish i would have bought a powerbook.

p.p.s. does anybody notice how sometimes i write these journals in all lowercase, and then sometimes in the appropriate "first letter of every sentence is capitalized" structure? why do i do that? psychology students please respond...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

10/22/05 Seattle, WA

whenever we drive to seattle, it makes me think of that one foo fighters song where he talks about passing the boats and the kingdome. anyhoo, someone needs to have a pep talk with those astros and tell them to pick it up. nolan ryan is bummed. so the seattle show was at the premier, which is right next to safeco and qwest field. we played here last fall with yellowcard right before we got denied canadian access. i guess if really horrible things were happening at these shows this tour journal would be more exciting but unfortunately this show was awesome. it was jon foreman's birthday(singer of switchfoot) and a bunch of kids in the front had party hats. party hats are always a good time. me and dallas were able to keep tabs on the world series as there was a sports bar right next to the club. being in seattle was nice as we got to see some friends from local bands...leif and burke from vendetta red who we toured with in may and nick from acceptance who we will be touring with on the yellowcard tour next month. also cool to see my friend ben forth who played drums in the first band i was ever in. right now i am in salt lake city watching the fat albert movie on hbo. yeah its pretty bad. also just in case some of you qre reading dallas's journal, you may read that he is up on me 3-0 playing john madden. well let me not take any of the resposibility and blame it solely on EA Sports player attribute modeling division, because dallas was making jeff garcia do things that he could only do in his dreams, and the browns kept ladian tomlinson to like 20 yards of rushing. not gonna happen in real life man. k sorry about all the madden talk. we are obsessed. for now enjoy some photos of switchfoot soundchecking.


Friday, October 21, 2005

10/21/05 Portland,OR

we woke up in beeeeautiful portland oregon and made our way to what is probably my favorite tour places to eat..burgerville! i had a baco-chi with sweet potato fries and dallas had a black forest milkshake! then he went into a black forest and we haven't seen him since. i would like to take this opportunity to thank the fine people at redsand for sponsoring this tour. we are giving away free redsand shwagge at the shows so look out.i think dallas will have his own tour journal up on there site soon, so check that out. portland is seriously the most fun place to play in america, hand down. i don't know what it is about the kids there, maybe its just because they live in such an amazing city and they know it, but the crowd was awesome. the last three shows we have played here have all been that way. the show was at the crystal ballroom, which is this old dance hall. the venue was up on the third floor and there were all these other rooms and floors. as you walk up the stairs there are all these fliers for shows they had there in the 60's. it felt good to know we were playing the same stage that bands like buffalo springfield and marvin gaye had when they built this place they made it so the floor was bouncy which i guess made it easier to dance. we actually got a chance to put this floor to the test. right next to our dressing room was a room that was playing 80's music videos(the bangles, b-52's) and we got a chance to cut a little rug. best dancer in reeve oliver...brad davis, hands down. anyhooo, the show was awesome. we are in seattle now, getting ready for our show tonight at the premier and game one of the world series. go padres.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

10/19/05 San Francisco, CA

Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco. Well good for him. All we left were 2000 kids slayed by rock. The show was in the beautiful majestic Grand Ballroom. Which turned out to be pretty grand.Seriously, they weren't making it up. I wish would have taken more photos of the place. It was built in the early 1900's and was a masonic temple(still is?) but also in its time was a movie theatre and an old vaudeville theatre. The show was awesome. We stayed the night in california's finest city, Walnut Creek. Home of the greatest restaraunt in the world. We are currently getting 4 brand new tires at America's Tire store(bf goodrich!) so we will be road ready. That is all. Brad is singing Tommy Lee songs, gotta go.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

10/18/05 Sacramento, CA


Sacromento. Home of the Deftones and Arnorld Schwarzen....Schwarzen....Schwarzennotgonavoteforhim. Show was at the Empire Club, which reminded me of a smaller 4th and B or a bigger Glasshouse(so cal club references). Cool club despite it being the worst stage for loading gear(next to the knitting factory in new york). From Ventura we took the 126 to the 5 north and passed by Magic Mounain and over the grapevine where we made a Starbucks run at Laval Rd(they really have improved that one, good job) and then up the 5 to sactown.The show was really good, these switchfoot fans are really nice, almost to the point that i am concerned. But not that i am complaining. We woke up this morning after the show and had a fabulous breakfast with Chi from the Deftones and his wife, who were both really cool. Brad and I had the BBC omelette(black bean chili, cheese, and sour cream) and now i am maybe wishing i would have ordered the grapenuts. We are in San Fran now getting set up for tonights show, which like all of the rest of them are sold out. Should be fun.

ess dawg and ro.

p.s. i just heard a story about Lit and Camper Van Beethoven getting in a fight. that kind of stuff should be available on pay per view. its straight up tyson-spinks.

Monday, October 17, 2005

10/17/05 Ventura, CA

Hi all.

We are currently heading north on the 5, through the middle of california, which is arguably the ugliest part of the universe. Its day 2 on the Switchfoot/Eisley/Reeve Oliver tour. I just mopped the van floor with dallas's mohawk in a rambunctios(sp?) game of Tony Hawk. Horse, trick attack, and graffiti. And if you don't know what i am talking about that's ok.To be fair his 88 bengals beat my 86 browns 24 to 22. And Mike Darr just hit a grand slam, which is pretty amazing since he has been dead for 3 years*. Seriously, buy a playstation. You are missing out on life. Last night's show in Ventura was great. It was at the (ace)Ventura Theatre which is this cool old theatre close to the beach. We played here 2 years ago with Yellowcard, and it was awesome to be back. I mentioned Dallas and his mohawk a few sentences ago, he is the dude on tour with us slinging reeve merch(of which we have plenty, come out to these shows and bring some cash, we need the room in the van, seriously i am sitting on 45 ex-large yellow shirts). Dallas also has a moustache. Mowhawk. Moustache. We are calling it the "Double Trouble". Dallas and I go way back, we were in the most important band to comeout of clairemont in 1996. That's correct, little buddies...The Stomach Monkeys**. Ok, more about this tour. Switchfoot is amazing. I have been a fan of this band for 10 years, no lie. Its so cool to see a band that you played a show with that had like 40 people now selling millions of records and selling out tours coast to coast. They played all the hits last night, including RO favorite Company Car. Eisley was awesome as well. I didnt know too much about them before this tour, but i can say i enjoyed their set last night. They had good songs. So the craziest thing that happened last night happened midway through Switchfoot's set. Dallas was motioning for me to come over to the merch table. As i did i saw there was this guy there buying a Reeve CD. And who did it happen to be but....that's right little buddies...Aly McBeal's own Peter MacNicol! Freaking Yanosh from Ghostbusters 2! Turns out he liked our set and he had some really nice things to say about our band. Needless to say, we were stoked to meet him and we had to get a band photo. Tonights show is in Sacramento, which we played 2 years ago(orangevale). Those sacto kids are insane, looking forward to tonight. K, gotta go diary, Brad is playing Skalifornia by Nifty Tom Fifty.



*r.i.p. Mike Darr, you live on in out hearts.

**Stomach Monkeys 10 year anniversary reunion show next September at SOMA with No Worries, Free Refills, Peach Fuzz, Goodwill, Godrocket, Closer To Home, Straight To The Point, and Righteous Youth. Get your tickets now.