Monday, October 17, 2005

10/17/05 Ventura, CA

Hi all.

We are currently heading north on the 5, through the middle of california, which is arguably the ugliest part of the universe. Its day 2 on the Switchfoot/Eisley/Reeve Oliver tour. I just mopped the van floor with dallas's mohawk in a rambunctios(sp?) game of Tony Hawk. Horse, trick attack, and graffiti. And if you don't know what i am talking about that's ok.To be fair his 88 bengals beat my 86 browns 24 to 22. And Mike Darr just hit a grand slam, which is pretty amazing since he has been dead for 3 years*. Seriously, buy a playstation. You are missing out on life. Last night's show in Ventura was great. It was at the (ace)Ventura Theatre which is this cool old theatre close to the beach. We played here 2 years ago with Yellowcard, and it was awesome to be back. I mentioned Dallas and his mohawk a few sentences ago, he is the dude on tour with us slinging reeve merch(of which we have plenty, come out to these shows and bring some cash, we need the room in the van, seriously i am sitting on 45 ex-large yellow shirts). Dallas also has a moustache. Mowhawk. Moustache. We are calling it the "Double Trouble". Dallas and I go way back, we were in the most important band to comeout of clairemont in 1996. That's correct, little buddies...The Stomach Monkeys**. Ok, more about this tour. Switchfoot is amazing. I have been a fan of this band for 10 years, no lie. Its so cool to see a band that you played a show with that had like 40 people now selling millions of records and selling out tours coast to coast. They played all the hits last night, including RO favorite Company Car. Eisley was awesome as well. I didnt know too much about them before this tour, but i can say i enjoyed their set last night. They had good songs. So the craziest thing that happened last night happened midway through Switchfoot's set. Dallas was motioning for me to come over to the merch table. As i did i saw there was this guy there buying a Reeve CD. And who did it happen to be but....that's right little buddies...Aly McBeal's own Peter MacNicol! Freaking Yanosh from Ghostbusters 2! Turns out he liked our set and he had some really nice things to say about our band. Needless to say, we were stoked to meet him and we had to get a band photo. Tonights show is in Sacramento, which we played 2 years ago(orangevale). Those sacto kids are insane, looking forward to tonight. K, gotta go diary, Brad is playing Skalifornia by Nifty Tom Fifty.



*r.i.p. Mike Darr, you live on in out hearts.

**Stomach Monkeys 10 year anniversary reunion show next September at SOMA with No Worries, Free Refills, Peach Fuzz, Goodwill, Godrocket, Closer To Home, Straight To The Point, and Righteous Youth. Get your tickets now.


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