Tuesday, October 18, 2005

10/18/05 Sacramento, CA


Sacromento. Home of the Deftones and Arnorld Schwarzen....Schwarzen....Schwarzennotgonavoteforhim. Show was at the Empire Club, which reminded me of a smaller 4th and B or a bigger Glasshouse(so cal club references). Cool club despite it being the worst stage for loading gear(next to the knitting factory in new york). From Ventura we took the 126 to the 5 north and passed by Magic Mounain and over the grapevine where we made a Starbucks run at Laval Rd(they really have improved that one, good job) and then up the 5 to sactown.The show was really good, these switchfoot fans are really nice, almost to the point that i am concerned. But not that i am complaining. We woke up this morning after the show and had a fabulous breakfast with Chi from the Deftones and his wife, who were both really cool. Brad and I had the BBC omelette(black bean chili, cheese, and sour cream) and now i am maybe wishing i would have ordered the grapenuts. We are in San Fran now getting set up for tonights show, which like all of the rest of them are sold out. Should be fun.

ess dawg and ro.

p.s. i just heard a story about Lit and Camper Van Beethoven getting in a fight. that kind of stuff should be available on pay per view. its straight up tyson-spinks.


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