Friday, October 21, 2005

10/21/05 Portland,OR

we woke up in beeeeautiful portland oregon and made our way to what is probably my favorite tour places to eat..burgerville! i had a baco-chi with sweet potato fries and dallas had a black forest milkshake! then he went into a black forest and we haven't seen him since. i would like to take this opportunity to thank the fine people at redsand for sponsoring this tour. we are giving away free redsand shwagge at the shows so look out.i think dallas will have his own tour journal up on there site soon, so check that out. portland is seriously the most fun place to play in america, hand down. i don't know what it is about the kids there, maybe its just because they live in such an amazing city and they know it, but the crowd was awesome. the last three shows we have played here have all been that way. the show was at the crystal ballroom, which is this old dance hall. the venue was up on the third floor and there were all these other rooms and floors. as you walk up the stairs there are all these fliers for shows they had there in the 60's. it felt good to know we were playing the same stage that bands like buffalo springfield and marvin gaye had when they built this place they made it so the floor was bouncy which i guess made it easier to dance. we actually got a chance to put this floor to the test. right next to our dressing room was a room that was playing 80's music videos(the bangles, b-52's) and we got a chance to cut a little rug. best dancer in reeve oliver...brad davis, hands down. anyhooo, the show was awesome. we are in seattle now, getting ready for our show tonight at the premier and game one of the world series. go padres.


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