Saturday, October 22, 2005

10/22/05 Seattle, WA

whenever we drive to seattle, it makes me think of that one foo fighters song where he talks about passing the boats and the kingdome. anyhoo, someone needs to have a pep talk with those astros and tell them to pick it up. nolan ryan is bummed. so the seattle show was at the premier, which is right next to safeco and qwest field. we played here last fall with yellowcard right before we got denied canadian access. i guess if really horrible things were happening at these shows this tour journal would be more exciting but unfortunately this show was awesome. it was jon foreman's birthday(singer of switchfoot) and a bunch of kids in the front had party hats. party hats are always a good time. me and dallas were able to keep tabs on the world series as there was a sports bar right next to the club. being in seattle was nice as we got to see some friends from local bands...leif and burke from vendetta red who we toured with in may and nick from acceptance who we will be touring with on the yellowcard tour next month. also cool to see my friend ben forth who played drums in the first band i was ever in. right now i am in salt lake city watching the fat albert movie on hbo. yeah its pretty bad. also just in case some of you qre reading dallas's journal, you may read that he is up on me 3-0 playing john madden. well let me not take any of the resposibility and blame it solely on EA Sports player attribute modeling division, because dallas was making jeff garcia do things that he could only do in his dreams, and the browns kept ladian tomlinson to like 20 yards of rushing. not gonna happen in real life man. k sorry about all the madden talk. we are obsessed. for now enjoy some photos of switchfoot soundchecking.



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