Monday, October 24, 2005

10/24/05 Salt Lake City, UT

Ahh the great salt lake. I haven't been anywhere this creepy since....well who knows. We played here in may with Finch but never made it out to see the lake. The SLC show was actually ON the lake, and this place called the Saltair. Cool venue, it looks like the taj mahal. As soon as we got there we walked out on the beach(?) and took some weird band photos. O informed me that they shot the movie Dune here, which is a great movie starring the late great Kyle Maclachlan, who is not dead, but has a history of being late....and great. Seriously the land leading out to the water looked like the moon(which by the way, we never landed, on according to jon foreman, more on that later). I would also like to add brad did not eat the ground to see if it was salty, but i do think there was a lot of restraint in that. We weren't the only band getting in on the salt lake photo action...switchfoot was shooting a homegrown music video for "lonely nation"..and then later eisley took some photos and did there best to look related. i could go for some chicken selects right now. seriously. so the show was awesome, i thought we played pretty good. since we were in utah, dallas turned into his alter ego who goes by the name "Utah Moses Pheonix", who is a mixture of Joaquin(leaf) Phoenix, Moses from the bible, and John Stockton from the Utah Jazz...but who has the hair of Darryl Hall(and oates). If you get a chance to pass through Salt Lake City, make sure you see the lake. It changes lives.

oh yeah and before all that happened Dallas ruined the toilet at the Hampton just because the sign says "taco time"..doesn't mean its actually time for tacos....

p.s. i apologize if my spelliing or grammar is poor or if words are stuck together....the keyboard on this ibook is atrocious. i guess the "i" in ibook stands for "i" wish i would have bought a powerbook.

p.p.s. does anybody notice how sometimes i write these journals in all lowercase, and then sometimes in the appropriate "first letter of every sentence is capitalized" structure? why do i do that? psychology students please respond...


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