Thursday, October 27, 2005

10/27/05 Chicago, IL

chi-town! dallas informed me that if we were in the wrong part of town and i said anything about the white sox, i could get beat up. i didn't know there was such a cross town rivalry between the cubs fans and sox fans. but what do i know. i'm from san diego. if we had 2 baseball teams i could hate both of them. but apparently where we played(the vic theatre) was in neutral territory. this show was really cool for us. i really like the city of chicago, and this theatre lived up to my expectations as did the crowd. i was a little bummed when i dedicated a song to wesley willis and no one knew who that was, but whatever. during switchfoots set we went and got lattes with Eisley, who are gnarly starbucks fiends and know where every single one is america. this place sold out merch for us, so dallas had the night off and took some pictures and video of the show. brad is gonna write the tour journal for detroit and then we only have 2 days until tour is over and we have to drive back to san diego. bummer. it feels like it just started.


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