Saturday, October 29, 2005

10/29/05 Cleveland, OH

brad hasn't finished the tour journal for detroit so i am gonna move on to cleveland. tonights show was at the house of blues cleveland. o thinks this title is appropriate because the hob really gives him "the blues". lets put it this way...they wouldn't let us put up our banner because we didn't have a "fire certificate". oh yeah. duh. how could we forget. the upside of the hob is that it always sounds great on stage and this show was no exception. our dressing room had this huge wall painting of john belushi from the movie 1941, a movie that is underrated, dude. show was awesome, we sold a butt load of stuff afterwards which is always nice. dallas made a trip to jacobs field and winking lizard tavern, not necessarily in that order. on to philly, the last show of tour.


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